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Note: Content is king! Content marketing requires a deep understanding of the interests of your audience, correct call to actions and keyword research to be effective.

Tip: Content is the seed from which all marketing sprouts. Link it to SEO keyword research and adapt it for other marketing channels. Quality, unique, relevant content is key.

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content marketing


Content Marketing relates to delivering very relevant textual or visual content to targeted audiences to generate brand awareness, sales and/or leads. The content can be as short as a message on Weibo or as long as a blog article or even an hour long video or podcast. Content Marketing is the cornerstone of all marketing and it brings together other types of digital marketing like SEO and Social Media Marketing.

What we do

Volmass will create a content marketing strategy in line with all your other digital marketing activities for brand and product related promotions.

“Forget the fluff, let’s do the right stuff!”

~ Our Motto ~

plan of action

Step by step

We create native content to engage a clearly defined target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.


Analysis & Strategy

Let’s discuss your requirements, analyze previous marketing activities, set clear goals and decide on a way forward.


Plan & Create

Let’s build a timeline for each marketing channel or activity and create the content, call to actions, reports and measurements.


Implement & Measure

Let’s implement the plans, measure the results to ensure we stay on track and grow your business by maximizing leads.

We are all about maximizing digital marketing ROI.

We pride ourselves in the the effectiveness of our SIMPLE process and it makes us flexible enough to adapt fast and get the best results.

our professional services Include:

Digital Marketing &  Lead Generation for China,
no matter where your business targets.