VolMass Digital Agency

Digital Marketing &  Lead Generation for China,
no matter where your business targets.

Our Services

We help businesses maximize lead generation through Digital Marketing.


We use social networks including WeChat and Facebook to spread brand awareness, services or products to or from China.


Search Engine Optimization

No matter if it is Baidu, Google, Bing or Yahoo we will help you make your website, products or services rank high in search engines.


Search Engine Marketing

We do Google AdWords or Baidu Paid advertising, increase its visibility at a high level while bringing down conversion costs.


Video Marketing

We will create and launch your video content for Tiktok, Bilibili, Kuaishou or YouTube. Video is the most consumed digital content.


Influencer Marketing

We share your content with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to review and bring confidence to your services and products.


Content Marketing

We create native content to engage a clearly defined target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.


We will audit your current marketing TVT’s (text, visuals and targeting) and make improvements to ensure best performance.


Marketing Strategy

We brainstorm with you to discover business objectives and create a digital marketing action plan that will ensure a high ROI.



We will translate your Digital Marketing or related copy from Chinese to English or English to Chinese.

How will Volmass help your business in China?

Analysis & Strategy

Let’s discuss your requirements, analize previous marketing activities, set clear goals and decide on a way forward.

Plan & Create

Let’s build a timeline for each marketing channel or activity and create the content, call to actions, reports and measurements.

Implement & Measure

Let’s implement the plans, measure the results to ensure we stay on track and grow your business by maximizing leads.

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